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Community of the Wild God
Several years ago, Cambridge Methsoc came up with the idea of a Wild God. It started to take on a life and theology of its own, and somehow it seems appropriate to start a community on LJ, and see what comes out of it when a group of people start talking and praying and acting...

Notes about joining:
We prefer it if you know a mod, or someone in the community already, just because some of the stuff on the WIGIT (where is god/good in this?) posts can be a little personal. If we don't know you, but you're interested, please feel free to watch, and comment on public posts.

N.B. - we have set this community to closed membership due to a technical problem with moderated membership. We welcome new members - if you are interested, please get in touch with a mod. For more information, please see this post.

We hope members will be active participants, and not passive observers. Please start as you mean to go on, and post an introduction on the linked post (which we also encourage you to track).

It's perfectly OK to respond with "I can't answer this" or "sounds good to me" on posts where we request a response, including the introductions post. The mods appreciate this.

In order to remain a member, you need the support of two of the trifeminate (the three leading mods) if there's a problem. If there has been an issue between yourself and a moderator in the past, that Moderator will stand aside from moderating your comments/posts.

This is a project Miriam had in mind for a few years, the idea of a faith community, that while Christian-centric is open to ideas from other Faiths, accepting that God is a Wild God and manifests in myriad and miraculous ways.

Jesus came to promote love, joy, justice and healing. His followers haven't always done the greatest of jobs in terms of inclusion, but there is still much within what was taught by Jesus and of Jesus that I believe to be relevant to the world around - issues of war, famine, street violence, gang culture, community, mental health and so on.

All are welcome to the party, to join in and celebrating the places that God manifests Godself. In terms of the moderating team, we all come from slightly different traditions:

miriammoules/angelofthenorth is a UK Methodist/Anglican, living in Cardiff. She is a feminist, but her sacramental theology and some of her praxis draws from Catholicism/Orthodoxy. She shares in Jewish worship on a regular but infrequent basis.
sweet_adelheid is an Australian-American, part of the Uniting Church of Australia, also a feminist, with a background in law and working as a public librarian, living in Victoria.
the_lady_lily is a member of the Church of England, currently living in greater London, also a feminist and a classics academic.
sabethea is a practicing pagan with Christian sympathies. She is a published writer.
mirabehn is a peace activist, and a practicing pagan with Quaker sympathies.