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ideealisme in wildgodcomm

Climate summit

I've just seen there's a push to make this happen, a real deal with teeth:


I don't actually pray much, I don't feel like it's real, but I'm praying now.  I hope the Advent energy propels this along! Thinking of humanity has caused me such deep despair, much more that I admit in public. I cannot even live my daily life without being aware of the robbery and rape I commit just by existing in the modern world and using its facilities for throwaway, disposal things at the earth's expense.

If the authorities told me I'd have to lose it all tomorrow, I'd feel relief. God forgive me for the ruining and despoiling of His world and innocent, unknowing beings, which I eat all the time, and of the part I have taken in it. God speed the negotiators in their important work.


and praise the Lord, it has been signed.
I am really pleased. Even if it's not perfect, better to have this than be unable to reach an agreement at all.