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The Mods

wildgodmods in wildgodcomm

Walking with the Wild God

Any member of the community is invited to post a WIGIT post, a public thinky post or a private thinky post. The mods actively encourage you to go back and catch up and comment on posts you may have not had a chance to get to, from this week or further back. If you would like to draw the attention of the community to articles or blog posts that might be of interest, please leave a comment on this post.

2nd October
wildgodmods Prayer requests [community-locked post]

WIGIT: WIGIT posts need to be community-locked, and include the WIGIT rubric, which you can copy and paste from any of the WIGIT posts so far. You can include a personal reflection if you would like to, but don't feel you have to include one. We aim to have a WIGIT posted every 24 to 48 hours (so a post every day or every other day). sabethea will make sure that a WIGIT goes up regularly, but if you feel called to post one, please do so.