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miriammoules in wildgodcomm

*yawn and stretch*

Hello there

It's been a year since the last time anyone posted in this community, and I thought I would put up a post inviting you to check in and see how you're all doing?

I'm working on a Wild God book, primarily for my husband, and for consumption on here, and I may release it as an e-book at a later date, if I'm happy with it. It came about because my husband had hundreds of questions about what I believe and how that shapes my politics and ethics. And I mean hundreds - he narrowed it down and then I put it onto a spreadsheet...

If you would like to invite people to join here, please let me know. If nothing else it would be good to get discussions going, and seeing where people have shifted, grown or shrunk.

Much love, Many Blessings


PS: There is a similar post on DW, and you are welcome to post there or here.



I kind of feel like I'm losing what faith I had, which is a bit sad. If I try and outline it I will sound like one of those tiresomely nihilistic militant atheists, I suspect! At the same time I haven't yet cut it off entirely, so... I don't know.

Over 2016 I've tried to start meditating regularly and started attending a mindfulness group run by a local church - it is "all faiths or none" and though we begin with a brief dedication of the space to God it's not religiously-oriented. It's a nice space and has been helpful to me for mental healthiness.

Generally I'm a bit cynical and pessimistic at the moment which makes faith (both general and religious) tricky!

But it's nice to hear from you and I'm going to go read your post about your book now, and am looking forward to doing so.